what's inside my brain box?

air-dry clay, acrylic paint, cardboard, plastic gems, pasta, audio (2021)

A glimpse into the artist's brain box, and her spiralling obsession with a familiar face.

the life and death of mr egg

rubber eggs, pipecleaners, cardboard, acrylic paint, googley eyes (2021)

Getting an egg from 'point A' to 'point B' for @century_eggs_and_spam on Instagram, online exhibition hosted by Lewis Martin.

the ethical consequence of sleeping with puppets

papier-mache, acrylic paint, felt (2021)

Emotional rollercoaster friendship/relationship experiences with other women, featuring puppets?

sorry i'm vegetarian

papier-mache, acrylic paint (2020)

A video inspired by a freaky lockdown dream consisting of one vegetarian in a room of people enjoying some questionable soup.

in the box!!!

papier-mache, acrylic paint, glitter, green screen (2020)

A panel show gone wrong, 'in the box!!!' shows a chat show host seemingly losing her marbles with her trusty rat co-host when none of their guests turn up to work.

at it like rabbits

papier-mache, acrylic paint, plastic gems, glitter (2019)

Inspired by two articles from the Grimsby Telegraph merged together, 'at it like rabbits' tells a surreal and slightly disturbing tale of an otter and a koi carp reviewed on Grimsby's 'TripAdvisor for sex workers'.