a collection of archived foundation work (2018-2019)

A selection of my favourite works from my time on the Art Foundation course at Franklin College.

have the artist make you a coffee

performance stills and video (2019)

A performance piece turning a mundane act into performance art and inviting the college to take part (and get a free coffee).

à toi toujours, dent blanche

papier-mache teeth, video projection, audio (2019)

Sculptures and a video projection inspired by my near obsession with dental hygiene and my strict flossing regement (featuring very bad Google translate French).

self expression (i'm a mug)

papier-mache, bucket, acrylic paint, performance (2019)

Do you get the pun? I thought I was hilarious at the time.

death crystals

papier-mache, chicken wire, acrylic paint (2019)

Sculptures featured in a photo series documenting my recurring nightmares of my teeth falling out (glamorously modelled by Tom Regler).

love letters to grimsby

ink, pen, paper (2018)

A series of ink and brush drawings reflecting on significant memories attached to certain places in Grimsby.

the interview

papier-mache, acrylic paint, performance (2019)

A video work looking at my inflated ego after getting an interview at Slade School of Art (I didn't get in).

the ethical consequences of a subtle pastiche by centura mink

EP and installation; papier-mache, acrylic paint, glitter glue, cardboard, radio, headphones, collage, video (2019)

My Art Foundation Final Major Project. The answer to someone you fancy binning you off three days after Valentines Day? Have a jab at becoming a pop star after watching a couple of Garageband tutorials.

(I couldn't show my face at the pub for weeks but it was worth it for the Distinction)